Published: 10/10/2022

- by Alana Ashby Roughly

22% of communities report they hire extra security to deal with large crowds and some even enlist the help of neighborhood watch volunteers to keep trick-or-treaters and noise under control.

Follow these tips to ensure everyone has a safe Halloween.

● Make sure your community’s walking areas are well lit and free of obstacles that could cause falls.

● Remind homeowners to keep candlelit jack o’ lanterns and other open flames away from doorsteps and walkways. Instead, place them on sturdy tables and keep them out of reach of pets and small children.

● Remind homeowners to drive slower while kids are out trick-or-treating.

● More people in your community means more cars. Refer to your CC&Rs to know the rules on parking in your HOA, including where visitors can park and what kind of passes may be needed.

Alana Ashby, CMCA and owner of AMI, helped to establish and served as a Board Member for Community Associations Institute (CAI) Idaho Chapter. Alana has extensive experience in all aspects of financial management, real estate development and management, as well as negotiation.

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