Published: 01/30/2023
- by Alana Ashby
Some HOAs require that members be in “good standing” to serve on the board. Board members serve important administrative and governance roles and are visible community members. Holding board members to community expectations sets an important standard.
Restricting voting rights of community members who are not in “good standing” is less common. Some HOAs are more reluctant about restricting because voting gives owners an important voice in the management and operation of their community.
The definition of “good standing” varies and should be specifically stated in the governing documents. It usually means that the owner’s account is current with no unpaid delinquencies. In addition, some HOAs adopt a broader definition to include covenant compliance.
Alana Ashby, CMCA, helped to establish and served as a Board Member for Community Associations Institute (CAI) Idaho Chapter. Alana has extensive experience in all aspects of financial management, real estate development and management, as well as negotiation.
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