Published: 10/24/2022

- by Alana Ashby

Freeze-thaw conditions cause expansion and contraction, and that leads to damage in cracks, pipes, or wherever water is easily trapped.

Pavement: Slurry-seal any cracks in pavement to prevent surface water from causing further cracking that ultimately will lead to potholes. The slurry seal may be applied in late spring or early fall, but the cracks must be sealed at the onset of the winter months to maintain the condition of the pavement.

Storm sewers: Storm sewer components should be kept clean and debris-free at all times but fall requires particular vigilance. Street-catch basins, lawn basins, detention basins, and retention basins should be inspected after trees have lost their leaves. Each of these structures should be cleaned thoroughly of all debris and leaves to prevent ice build-up, which may impede the flow of water through the system and off the site.

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