Published: 11/07/2022

- by Alana Ashby

- Ask a neighbor to watch your home for the delivery of holiday packages and to retrieve the packages until you arrive home.

- Consider an alternate destination. Your packages can be delivered to work, family, or friends. Hack packages delivered where someone can accept them, or require a signature.

- Instruct the delivery company. Find a non visible place at your home and leave detailed instructions where they should hide the package.

- Track your expected holiday packages. Residents can receive a text message when their package is delivered. This will help eliminate your package from sitting outside for a long period of time.

- Require a signature so your item won’t be left unattended. If this is inconvenient, you can have the package redelivered or you can pick it up at the local station.

- Have a security camera on your front porch so if a theft occurs, you have proof for insurance purposes and can try to find the burglar.

- Customize your deliveries. You change the time of your delivery so you will be home from work. They can also deliver during late evening hours during the holidays.

Alana Ashby, CMCA and owner of AMI, helped to establish and served as a Board Member for Community Associations Institute (CAI) Idaho Chapter. Alana has extensive experience in all aspects of financial management, real estate development and management, as well as negotiation.

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