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Professional Representation

AM performs daily operations for the community association, acting on behalf of the board of directors with strict adherence to the governing documents.

Member Accounting

We keep an accurate list of your homeowners. Updated daily, this list includes a separate account for each lot, providing a full history of that property. The database is used to generate mailing lists, billing statements, member list, delinquency report and other information.

Contract Management

Contracts between the association and vendors of goods and services are negotiated in collaboration with the board and enforced (regularly monitored) to ensure compliance with terms and conditions. Bid solicitation and requests for proposals are included in this service.

Community Inspection

All communities are inspected at least twice monthly to note violations of covenants, unsafe conditions and repair needs.

Member Liaison

Members are invited to contact AM with ideas, suggestions, service requests, and issues of concern. All calls and correspondence are logged and reported to the board.

Financial Accounting

Financial statements, monthly bank reconciliation, long-term reserve analysis, and annual budgeting are included.

Record Keeping

AM is responsible for all association records. Historical records are stored in a fire-proof, professional records retention center in Boise.

Administrative Support

AM acts as the business office for the association, providing correspondence, copy service, mail pick-up and sorting, recording receipts, preparing and making deposits, maintaining account registers, preparing checks for signature, providing telephone service and other administrative functions.

Lots of Extras

Newsletters, meeting facilitation, professional liaison, covenant enforcement, delinquency collection and consulting services are provided as part of the Management Services Agreement.